You will find a selection of my recent musical endeavors here. I have been a hobbyist electronic musician since I 2008 when, I bought my first synthesizer. The infamous Korg DS-10 software for the Nintendo DS. I have been making music ever since and have a deep love for Synthesis and tiny Synthesizers. My current hardware line-up can be found on my hardware page. I have a previous project I will put some links to that content at the bottom of this page.


What hardware do you use?

This page will give you a full overview of my production hardware. I go into detail about what hardware I use for what purposes. Please note I’m not a purist, sorry analog fanboys :)


Seshi Ambient

This was my first project under this name I completed my first album, “Under Things” it is an ambient album based on Patrick Rothfuss’s novella “The Slow Regard of Silent things” Have a listen.